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Running Analysis

Your route to easier, injury free running!

Run analysis allows us to pinpoint flaws in your running technique that are causing inefficiencies and potential injury. 

Analysis will be your guide to faster, easier and more consistent running.

Detailed running analysis

When most of us choose to run we just lace up our shoes and go, thinking more about our effort levels and less about how we are moving ourselves forwards. However, most of us at some point have suffered with some sort of injury or desire to run faster with the same or less effort.

We are all unique and will naturally choose to run with a gait that our body finds most comfortable. Short term, this is a good thing but because no one is symmetrical, the more we run, the more likely we are to succumb to the strengths and weaknesses of our running style and our body.

By detailing your running style we can discover your strengths and weaknesses, the limitations of your body and how to work your running around that. We can then develop a program that will aid you in becoming a more efficient, resilient and consistent runner, all of which result in long term success.

Stephen Lee, Bure Valley Harriers

Chris was exceptional in his assessment of my running style, he discovered the problem quickly and he provided my improvement plan the next day. I experienced an instant improvement to my injury and I haven't looked back since.
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