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  • Who is Efficient Endurance?
    I'm Chris Searle, a professional coach from Norfolk, United Kingdom. I spent 11 years as a professional swimming coach, working with swimmers from a foundation to international level, coaching swimmers from scratch to National titles in Great Britain. I worked with swimming clubs; Norfolk county as head coach and National Talent programs. I have been competing in triathlon for 10 years, competing for Great Britain at Sprint and Standard Distance. I am a qualified Swimming, Running and Triathlon Coach. If you would like to know more about my coaching journey check out the 'About' section.
  • What is the story behind Efficient Endurnace?
    Efficient Endurance was born through the idea that, for amateurs, training time is limited so needs to be used effectively. Having spent a lot of time with triathletes, runners and coaches during my first years coaching the sport, I realised that many athletes and coaches do not know why they do what they do. This caused a lot of training time being wasted with low quality, non-targeted workouts. I started Efficient Endurance as a way to both give athletes a program that is effective at boosting their performance towards their goal and provide the knowledge to them as to why they are doing the workouts.
  • What makes Efficient Endurance different?
    We realised quickly that athletes like to have structure but are also smart and like to know the 'why' behind their training. Often after 10 weeks of following a plan motivation begins to suffer. This is normally during the main build phase of a training plan. We found that giving athletes the knowledge as to why they are doing EVERY session keeps them far more motivated to the end of their plan, giving far better results. This is why we provide a full description with every session as to WHY the session is where it is and how it is benefiting you.
  • Why are all prices in USD?
    Purchases are made through TrainingPeaks who use USD as a currency. Estimated prices per week in other currencies are:* £2 €2.30 $CAD 3.40 $AUD 3.80 *As of April 2024
  • What coaching support do you offer?
    With every plan we offer you support via email. You can email us anything relating to your training plan, for example - What to do in case of illness or holiday Session adaptations due to injury Which session to swap for a group run/ride/swim Advice on technique And any other questions that may come up, we are here to help and will respond quickly. *You will need to leave your email address when purchasing for coaching support.
  • What if you're unsure what you need/can't find what you're looking for?
    If you're unsure what you need for your next event or can't find something in particular then get in touch! If you're unsure what you need we can help you discover what is right for you. If you can't find what you are looking for we can produce something for you!
  • I am looking for 1:1 coaching that is specific to my needs.
    We also provide tailored, bespoke programs with full support to all levels of athlete, over all sports that involve any variation of swimming, cycling and running. Get in touch to speak to us about your needs.
  • What is TrainingPeaks?
    TrainingPeaks is a highly sophisticated training platform where you can track your training and progress as well as plan ahead to your goal event. They provide detailed insights into your training as well as graphs, statistics, peak performances and calendars.
  • Is TrainingPeaks Free?
    When you purchase a plan you get a free TrainingPeaks account where you can follow your training plan. You will be able to see your whole plan and receive workouts to your smart devices on the days they are planned. A premium TrainingPeaks account costs up to $20 per month and will give you access to all of the graphs and statistics on your training as well as giving you the option to move your training calendar around. If you see a training plan that you like but would like to move the workouts around, you can either use the 7 day free Premium TrainingPeaks account when you first sign up and move your calendar in advance or you can get in touch and we will do it for you!
  • Is there any way of getting a plan without TrainingPeaks?
    We are currently creating plans that don't require TrainingPeaks and can be viewed through our website. If you need a plan now, get in touch and we will get something to you ASAP!
  • Do you provide face to face coaching?
    Yes! We provide face to face coaching for swimming and running in the local area of Norfolk, UK. We can also provide remote technical swimming analysis. Check out our services tab and book online.
  • What shall I do if I have booked and can't make the session?
    In most cases we can move the session for you with 24 hours notice with no loss. Get in touch and we will move your session to another time that suits you. If it is within 24 hours, still get in touch as we may still be able to move you without a fee, but this can not be promised and you may lose your deposit for the session.
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