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Running Analysis - What's Involved?

Running analysis at Efficient Endurance is a 4-step process.

Below we will detail what to expect when you come for a technical breakdown of your running form.


Initial Consultation

Firstly we will discuss your previous running history including mileage, speed, injuries and some other factors that may affect your running. 

There are many more variables than you first think that can influence how and how fast you run. We will go through these to ensure that nothing is missed.


Pre-Exercise Tests

To learn a bit more about your body and to ensure there is nothing going on that might warrant a trip to a physiotherapist or specialist, we will conduct a few simple exercises with you. These will give us knowledge such as your arch height, balance and the symmetry of your strength.

Video Analysis

The Video Analysis section will take around 20-30* minutes and require you to run for around 15* minutes.

We video you in slow motion from the side, front and back. This will also be done at your easy pace and race pace. 

Ideal attire for the recording is: a sports bra for ladies and topless for men. This is to ensure that the movement of clothing is not skewing any findings.

*This will require more time if you wish to test different footwear.



After the session we will sit down for 20-30 minutes to evaluate your results and discuss any major findings. We will use this time to discuss potential improvements that can be made and how to make that possible.

You will receive full details of your results the next day along with exercises and simple methods to help you improve.

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