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Running at Efficient Endurance


Running is an amazing sport that can take you almost anywhere; roads, trails, fields, hills and mountains. It is so freeing and easily accessible. 

We love running at Efficient Endurance and can help anyone improve their running with various services from coaching to lactate testing. See below how we can help you be the best running you can.

1:1 Coaching

Starting at £80 per month

We offer coaching services for runners who want a more tailored plan, where everything can be moulded to what you require, over which ever time period you need. 

Having been a runner myself as well as coaching many of them I know that runners can race once or twice per year or once or twice per week! 

Having a coach that understands your needs and can adapt to your schedule is essential for many runners and that is where we can help you to be the best you can, week in, week out. 


We have a proven track record improving runners. Most recently we ran a simple 6 week 5k PB course, with runners also racing midweek where everyone managed a PB!

Running Technique Analysis


Do you feel heavy when you run? Do you keep getting niggles or recurring injuries?

With an in-depth running analysis you can see where your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Training Plans

Having a dedicated plan to your goals is the best way to both monitor progress and keep you on track. Depending on how much time you have, your training history, current ability and goals a training plan will be the most cost effective way of taking your training to the next level. 

At Efficient Endurance, we pride ourselves with having the most in-depth training plans, with all sessions broken down and explained, in terms of both what the benefits of the session are and why the session is placed where it is. Every plan, every session, every set, is done for a reason.

Check out our Training Plans from the menu.

Running Lactate Testing 
(Coming Soon!)

Think you know roughly where your training zones are? 

Take the guesswork out with a lactate test. Let science guide you.

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