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Cycling at Efficient Endurance


Cycling is one of the most common sports in the world and there are so many forms from road biking and time trials to mountain biking and cyclo-cross.

Cycling is a simple sport technically but there are so many different avenues for speed that you can follow to increase your performance. 

At Efficient Endurance we can fine tune you, your bike and the cohesion between you. We provide world class coaching, lactate testing and real world aerodynamic testing coming soon.

1:1 Coaching

Starting at £80 per month

We also offer coaching services for those who want a more tailored plan, where everything can be moulded to what you require, over whichever time period you need.

There are so many disciplines of cycling that require different skill sets and abilities that need to be practised, with many people taking part in multiple disciplines. 

Working with a coach that can develop you in the most efficient way is the quickest route to success. Whether you race at the top level and are looking for the next 0.1% or are a casual cyclist looking to feel better within yourself and live a healthier lifestyle our coaching can help you achieve what you need.

Real World Aero Testing

Everyone is a different shape and has a different body. We can find the most optimal position for you on your bike with real world aero testing (Coming Soon)

Training Plans

Having a dedicated plan to your goals is the best way to both monitor progress and keep you on track. Depending on how much time you have, your training history, current ability and goals a training plan will be the most cost effective way of taking your training to the next level. 

At Efficient Endurance, we pride ourselves with having the most in-depth training plans, with all sessions broken down and explained, in terms of both what the benefits of the session are and why the session is placed where it is. Every plan, every session, every set, is done for a reason.

Check out our Training Plans from the menu.

Cycling Lactate Testing 
(Coming Soon!)

Think you know roughly where your training zones are? 

Take the guesswork out with a lactate test. Let science guide you.

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