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Swimming Coaching and Video Analysis

80% of swimming speed comes from how you swim rather than how fit and strong you are. With either 1:1 sessions or video analysis we can discover where you can make the biggest gains with your swimming stroke and swim much faster for the same effort.

Underwater video analysis of swimming

The more we swim, the harder it is to change our technique. It is even more difficult to make your technique more efficient if you don't know where to start and where your technical strengths and weaknesses are.

We have all watched hours of YouTube and taken the advice of one of our fellow swimmers at the pool but hit a plateau because we can't see our own stroke or know if what we are looking at is even relevant to us. What we have learned may actually have made our technique worse and therefore caused another part of our stroke to become imbalanced. 

With 1:1 coaching you can get professional advice on your stroke technique, and the best path of improvements that you can make. A mix of intrinsic feedback and coaching advice from the side of the pool is the best way to positively adapt your stroke technique.

In addition, video analysis will give you a better insight into how you swim and reinforce the improvements that you can make to become a faster, more efficient swimmer.

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