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Hello, I'm Chris - Coach at Efficient Endurance

Here is where I share my story as to how I became a professional coach and the journey to my philosophy of maximal efficiency through continuous reasoning.

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My Coaching Story

My coaching story began in a swimming pool over 20 years ago when I joined my local swimming club and went from strength to strength very quickly. I was constantly looking for the next thing to improve and found that once I couldn't improve my fitness so quickly I had to look elsewhere and went down the rabbit hole of swimming technique! At 14 I was giving my coaches new technical ideas and continued my learning completing my assistant coaching qualification and helping my peers improve their technique.

When I turned 18, I quickly completed my Level 1 and Level 2 Swim Coaching Qualifications, helping out at my local club. 

At 20, I got offered my first professional role as Head Swimming Coach at North Norfolk Vikings Swimming Club. Within 3 years we were going toe to toe with clubs with up to 10 times as many members on a national stage. 

In this time I also completed my British Swimming Level 3 Coaching qualification at the age of 24, the youngest person to achieve this at the time.

I then moved on to a Head Coaching role at Dereham Otters Swimming Club. A club of 100 members and access to up to 10 hours of swimming time per week, it was a step up from my previous role but still very limited on time compared to many bigger clubs who had up to 20 hours per week. 

I wanted to push the club onto the next level and to do that on limited resources I had to plan everything to be as efficient as possible. 

After 7 years I produced the club's first British National Championships qualifiers. 8 of them in total! 4 of them made the national championship finals, with 2 national champions...all while training half as much, but twice as efficiently as their peers!

Having previously being a self-coached triathlete for a number of years working with
Chris was my first experience of a fully coached program together with swim
technique sessions.
Chris provided a great route map for me through the usual challenges which occur
prior to any event, work, illness, family etc, and adapted my sets and sessions
without any drama and supported these changes with reassuring words that I was
still making the progress required, not to panic and trust the process.
All sessions were focused and progressed in a structured way towards my goals.  Training for an Ironman can be a lonely activity and an
experienced knowledgeable supporting voice through that journey was invaluable to
me ultimately achieving my objective.

G Knott, United Kingdom

In 2022, I decided to move on from coaching swimming having had enough of evening and weekend work and looked to triathlon, a sport I had personally been hooked on since 2014. 

I've used the same philosophy when researching both running and various disciplines of cycling. How to maximise the time you have to get the most effective results.

Since starting I have completed my British Triathlon Coaching Courses and England Athletics Run coaching course.

I started Efficient Endurance with the goal to give everyone access to efficient, effective endurance training. Offering both my technical knowledge with services such as swimming and running analysis, and optimal training practices with coaching and detailed training plans with fully explained rationale.

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