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Lactate Testing (Coming Soon!)

Do you know where your training zones are? Where they really are?

Lactate testing can give you definitive training zones so you know that you are training at exactly the training intensity that you need to for optimal adaptations.

Running Group

Lactate is a waste product produced during anaerobic metabolism in acid form. Our bodies always have some lactic acid in our blood but these levels go up significantly during exercise to a point that it will stop us from continuing. 

By blood testing we can plot the levels of lactic acid in your blood at various intensities and from that work out your training zones scientifically, with no guess work required. 

Having 100% confidence in your training zones means that you can train exactly to the levels that you need to, giving you the ability to overload yourself without over training.

Lactate testing can be done for running, either on the track or treadmill, on a turbo trainer for cycling and in the pool for swimming.


Because of the adaptations of training, lactate testing is recommended after each training block. 

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