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What we do

See below the high quality array of services that we provide to increase your efficiency and endurance.

Training Plans

Our library of detailed training plans will have something that you are looking for. From short 4 week plans to achieve your first 5km run, to 40 week plans to smash your personal best over a long course triathlon!

Running Analysis

Are you looking to improve your running form and reduce injury prevalence?

Using video capture from all angles we are able to analyse your running technique and advise on improvements to your efficiency and injury resistance 

Cycling Aerodynamic Testing (Coming Soon)

Are you looking for every marginal gain possible?

With our 'on the road' aerodynamic testing equipment, you can, in real time, know how aerodynamic both you and your kit are. We can then test other kit and positions out to find your optimal setup.

Swimming Analysis

Have you hit a plateau with your swimming and don't know how to make the next improvement?

With underwater footage and many years of experience we can give you lots of ideas and put you on the track to continued improvement.

Personalised Coaching

Achieve your fitness goals with 1:1 coaching. Our experienced coaches will design a training program tailored to your specific needs, whether preparing for a race, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to improve your overall fitness.

Lactate Testing (Coming Soon)

Take the guesswork out of your training zones with a lactate test in your chosen sport. Train exactly how hard you want to, safe in the knowledge that your body is where you want it to be!

At Efficient Endurance we understand that as an athlete you put in the hard work so we complement this by delivering the best quality service to achieve your ultimate progression.

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