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Ultimate Efficiency

If you're looking for the best, most in-depth personalised coaching around, you are looking for Ultimate Efficiency.

Have a look below for all of the benefits.

Prepare to be the best version of you!

A Detailed Personalised Plan

In consultation with you at all points, we will create a plan for you that works around your life, your ability, and your aims and targets.

Premium Training Peaks Account

Advanced Planning

You will have full access to the Training Peaks Platform with a professional 1:1 coach.

Working directly with a coach we can plan around any holidays, social events, work meetings etc. We can even adapt your training if you're going away. You might not have access to a swimming pool on holiday but a dip in the sea might be tempting! Everything will be planned so that you can maximise your time and efficiency.

Access to a Professional Coach

Work hand in hand with a professional coach and get feedback, guidance and advice on your training whenever you need it. You will have phone and email access 24/7!

Lactate Testing and Running Technique Analysis Included

3 Months after your initial consultation and every 3 months after you will receive running analysis and lactate testing in your chosen sport or sports.

These tests can be used to prescribe strength training for running and precisely set your training zones for you next block of training. Ensuring you are working exactly what you need to at the level that you need to.

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