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Triathlon at Efficient Endurance

Triathlete exiting a lake after swimming

Triathlon is a growing and popular, yet demanding sport.

Athletes require a diverse range of technical skills and good overall fitness to compete in such a unique event.

At Efficient Endurance we provide personalised 1:1 coaching and highly detailed training plans to help you achieve your goals. Our approach always includes a "why" to your training, ensuring that you understand the purpose behind each workout and how it contributes to your overall success. 

1:1 Coaching

Starting at £120 per month

Efficient Endurance provides a holistic approach to coaching for triathlon. With such a wide scope of fitness needed, all areas are looked at and tailored to complement each other within your needs.

All of our 1:1 coaching focuses on both your technique and physical ability to improve your ability as a whole.

Training Plans

Having a dedicated plan to your goals is the best way to both monitor progress and keep you on track. Depending on how much time you have, your training history, current ability and goals a training plan will be the most cost effective way of taking your training to the next level. 

At Efficient Endurance, we pride ourselves with having the most in-depth training plans, with all sessions broken down and explained, in terms of both what the benefits of the session are and why the session is placed where it is. Every plan, every session, every set, is done for a reason.

Check out our Training Plans from the menu.

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