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Premium Efficiency

If you're looking for more advanced coaching with more feedback, guidance and adaptability with extra perks, you're looking for premium levels of efficiency.

Have a look below for all of the benefits.

You can be a Premium Athlete!

Access the most detailed training plans around

Premium Training Peaks Account

Advanced Planning

Our Plans are created in a way that you will always know how to train, what you are training and why you are doing it.

All plans have been made with athlete feedback and are constantly being updated.

We include a Premium Training Peaks account with our Premium Efficiency package (worth £15 per month). This will give you and your coach further insights into your training and performance. It also gives you the ability to move your sessions around to best suit you in the week.

With a weekly plan you will get given your next week of sessions during the weekend, with a monthly plan you will be given your next month's training in advance.

Access to a Professional Coach

Adaptable Plans

Reduced Priced Lactate Testing and Running Technique Analysis

Work hand in hand with a professional coach and get feedback, guidance and advice on your training TWICE a week through the training peaks portal.

Training Plans can be adapted by your coach using your feedback. At the start of each week, let your coach know if you are busy with work, have a holiday or join a club session on a certain day and your plan can be adapted to best benefit your long term performance.


You can also move sessions around with a Premium Training Peaks account but it's always a good idea to speak to your coach so to where everything best fits in with your plans.

Get 10% off Running Analysis and Lactate Testing with us when you are signed up. 

Running Analysis can increase your efficiency and injury resilience. 

Lactate Testing will give you a more precise insight to your training needs.

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