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Beginner 10KM Training Plans

Our Beginner 10KM plans are designed for those looking to run their first ever 10km or have recently just managed to run the distance, and are more interested in completing an event, rather than racing and would like more than anything to enjoy the training process.

Our 10KM plans are focused on being a highly efficient use of time, and focus on targeted but varied training that will leave you in a really good place to continue your training journey in the future.

These plans average 2 and a half hours of running per week over 3 runs, with 1 efforts session per week to help develop your speed endurance.

Have a look at a week preview, if there is something you don’t understand, don’t worry, everything is fully explained in the pre-session description along with why you are doing the session and how it fits in with the rest of the plan.

Find a plan that suits you and once you purchase, you can start at any time. All plans are repeatable too!


As with all of our plans, as long as you leave your email when purchasing, we will support you in your journey with anything you might need. 


We look forward to being with you on your running journey.

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All of our training plans are written by highly qualified coaches with years of experience.

Every single one of our plans is written in a progressive way with the intention of developing your ability and technique in the long term, reducing your chance of injury. 

With all workouts progressively orientated towards your goal, you will feel achievement in every session.

Every session of every plan has it's rationale explained to you so you always know why you are training.

If you leave your email, we will support you with any extra training advice you might need, from swapping sessions around to strength and nutrition advice.

We have created plans over various duration's of weeks. With longer plans designed around consistent training and slower, meaningful progressions and shorter plans focused on getting you event ready, quickly. The focus of all plans is on using your time as efficiently and effectively as possible.

By choosing a plan with the duration that you want to train, you will be safe in the knowledge that you are using your time efficiently to achieve you goals leaving you with the time to do the other things in life that matter.

My training has become much more targeted and I feel a greater motivation for my sessions than I have ever done before. 
I have definitely shown a significant progression and I couldn't be happier with my recent race performances.

Abbie Dickens, Efficient Endurance Athlete

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